Sunday, April 13, 2014

shifuckingtigerlonglang asked: Are you guys going to translate "Shuutai Headless"?

We currently have a busy listing of games ahead of us, so I’m afraid that we may not get to Shūtai - HeadLess (囚体 - HeadLess) on time.

You can try to see if Mr.【, Shangri-La Team, Tosiaki, or vgperson may be willing to translate it.

Anonymous asked: i download corpse party if past end ( it's look great so i should thank you for the translation ) but when yoshiki wanted to look around the school ( when he woke up -when the game start- ) the game stop and it's said " unable to find file audio/bgs/005-rain01

You would have to install the RPG Maker XP Runtime Package (RTP) in order to have those files play properly. You can download it here. Once it is installed, everything should work perfectly from thereon.

Anonymous asked: Sorry to bother you, but how many Corpse party OSTs are there? Is Dead Patient's out? Or Book of Shadows and Blood Drive?

Here is a listing of the Corpse Party Drama CDs to date.

As for the music CDs, most of them I haven’t made a Tumblr post about them yet, but I have written about them on our forums. Mostly just the track listing:

There may be more that I am missing, such as I didn’t include any soundtracks by Asami Imai, Yumi Hara, ARTERY VEIN, and etc. But this is just to give you an idea of how many are out there.

Maybe in the future, I’ll make a proper CD post.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

dehixem asked: Hello there! Sorry to ask what feels like a dumb question, but what are the differences between Corpse Party If and Corpse Party If past end ? Are they different games, or is "if past end" an updated version of "if" + new content ? I just can't make up what they are by comparing the website pages. Cheers!

CORPSE-PARTY if PAST END is basically a remake of CORPSE-PARTY if with new events, layout, voice acting, enhanced graphics, and various more.

Although they are essentially the same game, but both games have their differences. (For example, there are two endings in If, but only one ending in If PAST END.) If you have to play one over the other, I suggest playing CORPSE-PARTY if PAST END.

Friday, April 11, 2014



edited: more accurate

I wouldn’t use an image from CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt- as a reference because that is a fan-made game created by an Anonymous member and does not reflect the quality in the same light as the other two images, both which are official games by Team GrisGris.

If you want a more accurate source, please use this image from the original PC-98 version:

Anonymous asked: You guys are doing such a great work i really wanted to thank you all ! also i wanted to know, when you guys said "CORPSE PARTY BLOODCOVERED 5 (PC)" on the current projects, you mean the 5th chapter of CP Blood covered ?

Actually, with Corpse Party BloodCovered 5 is just the name of the volume which contains all 5 chapters of Corpse Party BloodCovered.

Meaning, for example, Corpse Party BloodCovered 1+2+3 only contains Chapters 1, 2, and 3.

Anonymous asked: What is "Team GrindHouse"? Is it related to the Team GrisGris?

GrindHouse is basically another name for Team GrisGris, as they both involve the same four people (Makoto Kedouin, Mao Hamamoto, Kosaku Ogawa, and Sakuya Kamishiro). So far, they seem to be using both circle names interchangably.

We don’t know if they are going to still be Team GrisGris until the release of Corpse Party: BloodDrive, and be known as GrindHouse from Corpse Party 2 and beyond.

Anonymous asked: Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the hard work you put into translating games. Continuing on, I'm considering whether to buy CPBC5. I'd just like to ask if CPBC5 is any different from the PSP version, storywise.

You’re most welcome!

No, the storyline in both Corpse Party BloodCovered (PC) and Corpse Party (PSP) are both the exact same thing.

The only differences are, do note that I am speaking from the PC perspective:

  • Obvious changes such as graphics, music, and voice acting.
  • There are some differences in map layouts, primarily the hallway leading to the Custodian’s Closet.
  • There are minor differences in dialogue and the names of the victims in the name tags.
  • There are some minor differences such as some character will appear in specific scene that they were originally absent in.
  • There three extra endings, two of which are throwbacks to the original PC-98 version.
  • Although the PC version has less extra chapters than the PSP version, it also includes a preview of “Tooth” from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. In short, you can play “Tooth” in the exploration style of the first Corpse Party.

There may be more, but these are some that I can think of on top of my head.

Anonymous asked: umm would you be interested in trabslate pistol show, like when you can i really want to play it

We are currently busy with our own translation projects to translate “HEISEI PISTOL SHOW”. I would suggest asking vgperson because they are already familiar with Parun’s works.

Anonymous asked: Ok i thinks this a random question but why is ayumi and yoshiki is in dead patient?

No one (aside from obviously GrindHouse) knows yet why Ayumi and Yoshiki are in Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT. But I guess we’ll see when Corpse Party: BloodDrive is released because that game happens before DEAD PATIENT.